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Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Rupert consulted with the Kawasaki Disease Foundation on several video and Internet projects, some of which are posted on YouTube

The first, a work-in-progress, titled Animated Heart Video is narrated by Rupert and describes clearly what Kawasaki Disease does to the heart. This material will be incorporated in a new video, now in production, for Parents.

The Race for an Answer is a documentary profiling the disease's discovery by Dr. Kawasaki, personal experiences, treatment and research; narrated and produced by Rupert.

A third, Reflections, profiles Robin and Scott Utter, and their brave young son's story together with other parents' observations and medical discussion of the disease; produced by Rupert.

Macnee recently co-authored "Kawasaki Syndrome in India: Old Disease, New Disease?" for publication in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Johns Hopkins University Press.