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The Ancient Waters of Bandon: Discovering life forms in the intertidal zone

A few weeks ago Danny Clark, called me about the Oregon Coast Film Festival happening in mid-October. In 2009 I produced a 5-minute music video with videographer, Arthur Coleman, featuring harpist Candace Kreitlow, of Bandon, Oregon. Danny was our lead actor, along with Lilian Prince. We set out to depict a 'date' in the 1890s, where a young man arrives at his true love's house to take her out for a day by the ocean.

Thanks to the good people and theatre-folk of Bandon, we were able to pull it off over one weekend. Using the track ďAncient WatersĒ from Candaceís CD, Waterdance, along with a fine band of local actors, we created an homage to 'citizen science' and the wonders to be found among the tide pools that dot Bandonís beautiful beaches.

I started this project after reading "Beyond the Outer Shores: The Untold Odyssey of Ed Ricketts, the Pioneering Ecologist Who Inspired John Steinbeck and Joseph Campbell" by Eric Enno Tamm. Eric and I are now developing this book for television, along with Dr. David Lincoln, a Seattle scientist, with whom I developed the Darwin drama-documentary miniseries "Darwinís Brave New World". Shooting has already occurred in British Columbia, Canada; Oregon; and Monterey Bay, California. We plan additional shoots in Mexico and Alaska. The footage is intended for inclusion in a long-form drama-documentary about marine biology, the life, work, and impact of Ed Ricketts and his revolutionary ideas about ecology, the Monterey 'renaissance' of the 1920s-30s, Steinbeck, Joseph Campbell, John Cage, Henry Miller, et al.

Ericís book is on Amazon. The music-only version of the video has been on Vimeo for a few years at: Candace Kreitlow (harp) and Katie LaRaye Waldren (dulcimer) are on Amazon.

To make the video more immediately relevant to the aims of the film festival, I decided to beef up the music video by adding select pieces of voice-over from an interview featuring Eric and Professor Keith R. Benson, a University of British Columbia and University of Washington marine biologist, historian, and writer.

This new version is now on Vimeo at:

Between Tides

Between Tides is a Web site started by Rupert Macnee and Dr. David Lincoln. The site is intended to raise awareness of changes in the world's oceans and shorelines and collate available information. Inspiration for the site and organization comes from Edward Ricketts, author of 'Between Pacific Tides', a pioneer in the world of marine biology and ecology.

Preliminary shooting has already commenced on a drama-documentary for television and the Internet, featuring author Eric Enno Tamm, who terms this production, "A Saga about the Shoreline from the Baja to the Bering Sea".

This program will be a pilot for an adventure series about history's great journeys.

Ramping Up

"Ramping Up: The Fight for Access", a documentary for PBS presented by Illinois Public Media, Urbana-Champaign is in pre-production.